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Care Home Systems

Have reassurance with the reliability and simplicity of the Medicare nurse call system. The nurse call range for care homes provides the latest technology for the care industry.

Medicare’s iButton offers both staff attendance and identification. Medicare can create the perfect call bell system, giving your staff and residents convenience and peace of mind.

The HTM6500iBiR system is a robust, easy-to-use nurse call system that enables end users to call for help or assistance. The wireless system includes display panels, call points, and other alarms to meet your requirements.

The benefit of the HTM6500iBiR nurse call system is that Medicare can tailor it to your specific needs to include many scenarios.

A further advantage is that the call points have two sockets built into the bottom of each unit to provide a connection for assistive technology, be it a floor mat or PIR sensor. It is also simple to add door alarms to the system.

carer with elderly lady

The iButton System

HTM6500iBiR product call point and ibutton fob

The HTM6500iBiR system is a nurse call system that provides specific data to meet CQC standards. It allows care monitoring while providing an alarm system to raise the alarm for help and assistance when required.

The HTM6500iBiR system offers versatility and many other options.  The system benefits from being addressable; it not only records response times, but it can also record the staff member who has attended to help and provide care or assistance.

Like the HTM6500iR nurse call system, call points have two sockets providing connections for a pear push lead and assistive technology should it be required.

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