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Assistive Technology & Accessories

Assistive technology is a broad range of devices and systems designed to enhance individuals’ independence, safety, and well-being with physical, cognitive, sensory, or communication impairments. These technologies aim to assist individuals in performing activities of daily living, promoting a higher quality of life and increased autonomy.

Medicare Systems’ range of assistive switches and sensors enables nurse call systems to be set up to the specific needs of the hospital patient or care home resident. Ensuring a call can be triggered in many situations provides flexibility in the nurse call system and, ultimately, peace of mind.

Floor Mats

Here at Medicare Systems, we offer a wide range of floor mats as part of our assistive technology range.
One example is the MED8, a heavy-duty, carpeted, non-slip mat near the resident’s bed or door. The mat triggers an accessory call when pressure is applied.

The double snap lead protects the mat, giving them a longer life.

Available in two colours.

Complete with a HTM6022 floor mat adapter, which plugs into socket 1 of a Medicare call point.

Floor mats typically have a pressure sensor that detects when someone stands on them.

When the sensor is activated, it sends a signal to the call point, which alerts staff that the person has gotten out of bed or left the room.

Floor mats can be invaluable in monitoring people at risk of falls.

They provide an early warning for staff and can reduce the severity of falls as they can intervene sooner.

Chair Mats

Chair mats send a signal to a call point when the person sitting leaves the chair, possibly to wander.

Working with our nurse call system, it raises an alarm so that staff are alerted and can respond accordingly.


Bed Mats

If your clients have difficulty getting in and out of bed, bed mats may be part of your assistive tech requirements.

Not only can they help reduce the risk of falls, they can provide a sense of security for those who feel vulnerable.  

PIR Movement Detector

Another option for monitoring the movement of clients is PIR movement sensors.

The PIR device connects to the Medicare nurse call point via socket 1 of the HTM6001 pear push unit or socket 1 of any of the HTM6500 series nurse call points.

Typically, the PIR sensors monitor movement by a bed or doorway to alert staff.

The MED22 PIR sensor is battery-operated using a 9-volt PP9 battery. An optional mains power supply is available if preferred.

MED24 Bed/Chair Weight Sensor

The sensor is triggered when the user leaves the bed or chair, releasing the pressure on the device and activating the nurse call unit.

The weight sensor is used with the Medicare call point by plugging it into socket 1 on either the HTM6001 call point or any of the HTM6500 series of nurse call units.

MED25 Super Sensitive Jelly Bean Switch

Jelly Bean Buttons are extremely sensitive switches available in two sizes, big and small.

The switch activates when tapped and is available with different colour covers to meet your requirement.

This specialist device enables the nurse call system to be activated even for those unable to press other buttons or switches.

MED21 Head Tilt Switch

Being a tilt switch, it gives an alternative when users have limited movement and buttons are not an option.

They can be wrapped around the hand or an object when the activation of a call is required by the tipping of a switch rather than a physical press of a button.

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